Warrington Wolves RLFC

Warrington Wolves RLFC

A brand shaped by the voice of the fans

Founded in 1876 Warrington Wolves RLFC are otherwise known as The Wolves or The Wire. The Wire comes from the town’s heritage in Wire production which was their main industry in the 1800 and early 1900’s. The Club competes in Super League playing at the Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington. Renound for their success on and off the pitch from their Challenge Cup win in 2012 to the work in the community through the Wolves Foundation they have a strong connection with the town which is actively supported by it’s players.

But over the years the brand has lost connection with it’s Fans. As the Club has grown it’s brand hasn’t grown to reflect this and gradually has become fragmented and lacked consistency. Following the arrival of a new CEO, new players and board members the Club was about to undergo a period of change, but these changes had to be based on the foundation of a solid brand.

The Challenge

We were commissioned to explore a new brand for Warrington Wolves, not just a logo but a platform on which the Club could build on it’s success both on and off the pitch. As you can imagine changing the logo of a Club who’s audience were incredibly passionate and vocal was a significant challenge, so it was crucial we spoke to the Fans, to learn from their insight.

A series of Focus Groups took place conducted by the Fogg Team, made up of different representative of the Fan base from Families and Young Fans to Die hard fans and casual supporters. The Club also commissioned an online Fan survey which formed a solid quantitative insight to back up the results of our focus groups.

Our new brand signifies just the start of a very exciting journey for the club. Listening to our fans has given us the direction we need to become more connected to our supporters. We want to reward their loyalty and give them a club they can celebrate and be proud of both on and off the pitch

– Roger Draper, Warrington Wolves CEO

The Result

The research gave us a definitive direction when developing the brand identity. Fans wanted a brand that represented:

The Town: Warrington – we are a progressive town that is united in our support for the club

The Name: Wire – we are the wire, always have been, always will be

The Club: Wolves – we have embraced this character to reflect our spirit and determination

These three pillars provided the inspiration we needed to create the new identity. Beyond the Wolf, fans wanted to see the return of the Wire. They wanted to see the heritage being reflected in the brand as they felt this was important to preserve it’s uniqueness in the sport. So these three pillars became part of our new identity.

But the Logo alone was not going to be enough to build the brand, we needed a strong message behind it, something that the Fans could buy into and would work to join up all departments and initiatives throughout the Club.

The Hardwired message has already been embraced by the Fans. It will be used to bring consistency to a number of Club initiatives.

A launch video was also filmed, produced and edited by the Fogg Team to announce the new brand.