The Shard

The Shard

Brand innovation for a global landmark

Two years before the completion of this 12-year mega-development, the management team of London Bridge Quarter briefed Fogg to develop a bespoke Tenant Handbook for The Shard.

We approached the design articulation exploration from an architectural standpoint before we deployed our graphic design sensibilities.

The process

Observing the distinctive angles and layered facets from the drawings by architect Renzo Piano, we began to explore how these elements could form graphic design motifs.

We also explored a minimal tonal and material palette to evoke the lightness of the architecture.

Inspired by our visits to the building during its construction phase, observing how the building’s glass skin seemed to float invisibly against the building’s super-structure behind, we designed innovative binding mechanics where the outer cover opened asymmetrically against the inner binding.

When building a service proposition, most people build it from the ground up. We started with the highest level of service, them build upon them. We refer to this approach as… from the sky up.