Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Mercy

Conveying the vibrancy of a unique culture

The Convent of Mercy, located in Colwyn Bay, provides highly professional care for the elderly under the Guidance of the Sisters of Mercy. Fogg Associates had the honour of being commissioned by the convent to design the commemorative book for their centenary celebrations.

Working with the award winning photographer Jonathan Oakes, our brief was to create a commemorative book to portray the history of the convent. The photography and stories relived by the people associated with the convent over the past 100 years informed the design.

The Process

Having visited the convent on many occasions, our creative direction was to reflect the palpable caring, welcoming atmosphere of the location and the personality of its characters. We avoided designing a photographic journal of the architecture; instead we focused upon conveying the vibrancy of their inherent faith and ethos.

The Result

The book’s design was spectacularly eye catching and a very special memento. Uniquely suited to the occasion, it created a perfect segue between the proud history and progressive future of the Convent.

The Sisters were equally surprised and delighted by its unusual format, all of which made for a wonderful publication to mark an equally wonderful occasion.

"I have no doubt that the book’s design will demand the attention of all those who see it. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with you all. The book designed and produced by Fogg is quite spectacularly eye catching, very special and uniquely suited to the occasion."