Puddle Ducks

Puddle Ducks

Enabling a brand to realise a business’ potential

Puddle Ducks wanted leverage of the inherent personality of their brands to truly differentiate their offer in an increasingly busy sector to ultimately achieve growth and increased market share.

We considered that infant swimming classes, especially Puddle Ducks’ Classes, are not only about just nurturing a child’s natural ability in water. There is so much more beyond the class itself; before and after benefits, excitement and

contentedness for both parent and child. This product truly is a brand experience. From this, ‘Life but Swimmingly’ (consumer strategy) and ‘Business but Swimmingly’ (B2B strategy) were born. Both enabled the desired leverage of the inherent personality and the creation of wider messaging to capture the essence of the broader experience.

The Result

Following the refresh of the brand and subsequent marketing activity, Puddle Ducks reported 200% growth of the business in two years.

"The team is inspirational, professional and the advice and recommendations they provide are always spot on and followed up with superb results. As a result they have made a huge impact helping us to achieve 200% growth in two years."