Horwich Farrelly

Horwich Farrelly

Redefining a legal pioneer

Originally established in 1969 Horwich Farrelly has grown to become one of the leading providers of legal and handling services to the UK general insurance claims sector.

The business approached Fogg as they were entering a new phase of strategic development and with a need to identify a clearly defined market positioning that captured their expertise, personality and values.

The Messaging

We began by engaging with the business on a personal level to understand the unique culture it had established. We also analysed the market to understand what made Horwich Farrelly different from their competitors.

The result was an understanding that Horwich Farrelly are truly unique in both the services they provide and the way the business operates and engages with clients.

The message platform we devised was created to embrace how proud Horwich Farrelly are of their uniqueness and communicate the various specialisms and personality traits of the business all the while focussed around their core proposition of being specialists in what they do.

“Fogg really got under the surface of Horwich Farrelly and developed a deep understanding of what we are about. As a result, as well as doing a great visual branding job they came up with an overarching message that is strikingly simple, very relevant to our market and highly adaptable to our various audiences. All in all, a job well done.”

The Illustrations

Along with bringing a new life to the business by refreshing the logo, colour palette and typography, we devised an illustration style to help support the messaging of the brand and help customers navigate their propositions.

The illustrations depict the service areas of Horwich Farrelly, through metaphorical representations in the form of inanimate tabletop objects. Always being viewed from a bird’s eye view perspective and using the brand’s distinct colour palette the illustrations provide an expressive and iconic brand style that represents the businesses personality.

The Result

In addition to the illustration style we produced all photographic brand imagery to communicate the businesses unique, open and friendly approach.

Having established an improved identity and architecture to the brand we designed and built their website. The brand was launched early 2016 and has been highly praised both internally and externally.