Herefordshire Ornithological Club

Herefordshire Ornithological Club

Bird atlas design

The Herefordshire Ornithological Club (HOC) came into being on 22nd April 1950, at the instigation of Dr Charles W Walker MC. From those early beginnings the Club has grown to more than 400 members, who have a particular interest in birds, but also in other wildlife and conservation. The club approached Fogg to create the first ever, complete systematic assessment of the breeding and wintering distribution and relative abundance of the bird species of the county.

The book is the culmination of a project undertaken over a period of ten years by the HOC. Fieldwork was conducted in collaboration with the British Trust for Ornithology over the five years 2007-12 with data collected from a total of 545 tetrads (2-km squares) across the county. Almost a quarter of a million records were generated by 348 volunteer observers, most of them members of HOC.

The process

Fogg were tasked to bring together all of the information generated over the ten-year research period to give it relevance to a variety of audiences. The key to our approach was to develop an architecture that simplified the vast amount of information for audiences to navigate their way through the book. From schools, to ornithological enthusiasts and from National bodies to HRH the Prince of Wales, we had to present the huge amount of information in an engaging and informative structure.

The result

The atlas was launched at a special event at Berrington Hall as well as a copy being sent to His Royal Highness, The Duchy of Cornwall. Subsequently to the launch we’re proud to announce that one member of the club’s committee and a key driver of the project, Nick Smith, has been acknowledged in the 2016 New Year’s Honours list for services to the Forestry and Environmental Sectors in Herefordshire and to Ornithology. We’re delighted to have been involved in this unique project and would like to extend our thanks to the clubs committee for this opportunity and all of their hard work throughout the process.