Capturing the essence of a sector and creating a competitive advantage

Following a brand development exercise, one of Hamilton’s primary sales tools was their corporate overview brochure. When creating the new brand elements, such as logotype and colour palettes, we created a visual platform where we could bring the core brand concept of ‘energy into energy’ to life in uniquely engaging ways.

With brand design, the depths of visual message are often forgotten and underutilised, the brand’s visual language and, therefore, the proposition appear flat and repetitive. With the Hamilton brand we established a multilayered system that brings the proposition to life with engaging depths. This enabled the communications to remain fresh.


The brand elements gave us the ability to present the corporate assured image within an expressive and energetic context. Our design also gave great clarity to key proposition messages. Perhaps the most engaging aspect of this piece was the unique illustrations that we created to bring to life abstract aspects of the proposition, presenting them in a way that elevated the opportunities for both employers and potential employees. We brought together the multifaceted proposition with an engaging and memorable coherence.

"Fogg have played a crucial role in moving our company forward. What they created was far beyond what we had hoped for, a brand that defines what we do and differentiates us from our competitors in every aspect of our marketing; online, direct mail, advertising and in print."