Equity Release Supermarket

Equity Release Supermarket

Evolving a brand to accelerate its performance

Equity Release Supermarket, now one of the leading equity release advisory services in the UK, approached Fogg to undertake a brand refresh exercise and develop their marketing communications. Through our extensive market research, we observed a changing nature of the audience.

These observations presented opportunities to position the brand more effectively, drive sales and increase brand equity.

The Logo

We began with refreshing the brand itself, visually integrating both the representational and emotive aspects of the proposition.

The brand device now has a unique visual interplay as the action of equity being released is apparent yet the same shapes reform as the representation of a multi generational family unit.

The Messaging

Through our audience insight work and in preparation for the deployment of our marketing strategy, we observed a new dynamic within financial prioritisation. We devised brand images that portray the vitality of new opportunities as opposed to the widely used cliches amongst the competitors’ communications.

The Result

The brand development work reflects the brand’s position as a market leader, engaging all stakeholders in a unique way with each having their own interpretation of the logo. The marketing activity has increased sales lead generation and reinvigorated dormant customers. The business has been able to attract funding for marketing activity from both the business own independent advisors and equity release providers, based on their belief in the brand and effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

"On behalf of Equity Release Supermarket, thank you for the work you have carried out so far this year and for the promising future we are all looking forward to. I can see the business going from strength to strength and becoming a major player. It’s only a matter of time before we will become more of a household name in the Equity Release market."