Doosan Power Systems

Doosan Power Systems

Revitalising global brand communications

Doosan Power Systems are a global leader in the design and delivery of smart energy products and solutions to help create a greener future for generations to come. Selected ahead of some of Europe’s leading Branding agencies, Fogg were briefed with the Doosan Power System’s global brand strategy.

Engaged to develop a Vision, Mission and Values for the business Fogg undertook a thorough analysis of the communications within the market.

The Process

During this process Fogg also identified an opportunity to take ownership of what their market stands for by devising a core brand message, a big idea. ‘enabling energy’ simply encapsulated the business’ proposition, leveraging a competitive advantage and a platform for improved marketing communication.

Establishing the core brand message informed all future branding initiatives and reshaped the visual language of the business. Fogg devised a visual strategy and guidelines that reinforced the core brand message and revolutionised the way the business communicates.

"In the world of the ordinary, Fogg Associates shine out as beacons of enlightenment, they don’t just give you what you need, or think you need, they are passionate about making sure you know the art of the possible. It’s simple, they give a reason to keep coming back."

The Result

The brand strategy was rolled out not only across marketing communications, but was brought to life through further brand articulation throughout the businesses global offices. This included branded visitors centres, communal areas within the offices and art installations.

In parallel to the brand strategy work we were also engaged to help Doosan communicate a change management programme to internal stakeholders. We devised an internal communications campaign that articulated the change process the business was undertaking to keep employees informed and engaged throughout the process.