Reinventing a global IT brand

Coservit are an innovative software vendor for the IT sector. Headquartered in France with offices in the UK and US they work with some of the largest IT organisations around the world.

Coservit approached Fogg with a brand image that was confused, misinterpreted and inhibiting their global operations. The perception of the brand was that it was solely a French organisation opposed to a global provider.

The logic

Using the insight we gained from speaking to Coservit’s clients and employees, we deduced three brand pillars which culminated to created the Coservit logo; We’re better together, our team is yours and innovation beyond expectation.

“We commissioned Fogg based upon their experience of working with global brands at a very strategic level and their ability to hone complex propositions. With our distinct business units, offices in a number of countries and customers all over the world, their experience of working with complex stakeholder groups across multiple territories was also very important to us.

Their approach and recommendations opened our minds to what we could achieve and the work they have completed has transformed our brand. We now feel totally aligned to our customers with a cohesive voice and image across all business units and territories.”

The Challenge

Our challenge was to bring cohesion to the identity so that both internal and external stakeholders understood the core proposition and could engage with the brand.

We were also required to develop a brand and product names that work globally as well as creating a brand hierarchy resulting in a professional market leading profile to enable their vendors to sell products effectively.

The Process

We began with insight. We spoke to a cross section of internal and external stakeholders from all territories to understand how the brand was perceived and what all audience types required from the business.

The insight informed the strategic direction of the project and identified three key areas of focus for the brand.

1. We developed a new positioning and subsequent articulation of the brand to ensure it was relevant for all audience types across all territories and market sectors.

2. We created a simplified word mark and worked with the business to devise product names that that overcame the inconsistent pronunciation and confusion the existing elements caused.

3. We established a brand architecture to ensure Coservit was the prominent aspect of the brand and equity was built in the main brand opposed to the product brands as was previously being experienced.