Elevating a pioneering proposition

Brookson, founded in 1995 provide top class accountancy service to over 90,000 contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals. Having transformed from a small Warrington based accountancy firm into a nationwide contractor accountants company with over 200 employees, the business identified an opportunity to

manage and support workforce solutions for the NHS. Brookson had built the service and established a good initial reputation among a small number of customers. The business engaged Fogg to capture what had been established to date and build a platform for developing the business in the future.

The strategy

We began by understanding the market need for the service and the opportunities for the business relative to that need. We then began to understand how their service is aligned to these needs and what makes the Brookson model unique.

Once we had established a good understanding we identified an opportunity for a more engaging brand strategy. This was driven by a naming and positioning strategy that captures the essence of the market and aligns Brookson more closely to their audience, the NHS.

The strategy is underpinned by three pillars that encapsulate Brookson’s advantage and benefit to customers as well as the behaviours of their internal team.

“We engaged Fogg to deliver a new brand and product identity to support a range of services that have been created within the Brookson group. This was a particularly difficult challenge given this was the first product diversification for of over 20 years. We wanted to make sure the new brand reflected our heritage but could also could stand on its own as a business identity.

I found the way the team guided us through the consultancy process was refreshingly innovative and we are thoroughly delighted with the brand identity and associated collateral we are in receipt of. I would not hesitate to recommend Fogg due to their energy, commitment and innovation, it was a thoroughly enjoyable process.”

The execution

The project was a collaborative effort between Fogg and senior management at Brookson. Once we had advised a new strategic direction for the brand we worked closely with the team to bring the proposition to life. Key to this was ensuring we captured the uniqueness of their model and fully understood their operations and how they engage their audiences.

We created a simplified logo mark that empathises with the target audience, reinforces the emphatic brand concept and allows a more expressive visual language for the brand to communicate.

We adopted a new colour palette that incorporated Brookson’s existing corporate colours and built on them by including a gradient to represent the connection and partnership the business has with its customers.

The design direction we devised for communication was required to convey a wide facet of detail to instil confidence and reinforce the businesses capabilities. We therefore created an information architecture that allows the business to communicate their many facets and expedite the proposition in one vehicle.