Global brand futures exploration

AdKnowledge is a US based, global leader in digital advertising. Since it’s inception 2004 the business has grown into the largest privately held digital marketplace.

AdKnowledge initially commissioned Fogg ahead of some leading agencies in the US to explore the potential future of the brand.

The Process

The project initiated with a two-day workshop session at their global HQ in Kansas City where we met with their executive team to gain a greater understanding of the business and specifics of their objectives.

Following a series of acquisitions the business had a complex and diverse product offering which was often complicated for customers to navigate and understand their full proposition and service offering.

Upon return to the UK we approached the project by firstly defining a comprehensive brand architecture positioning AdKnowledge as the group entity under which their individual products we operated. This brought consistency across the group and enabled a greater opportunity for cross selling between the business units.

We then explored a refresh of the brand identity. The device reflects the three customer stakeholders and positions AdKnowledge as the corporate brand. Our approach enabled the sub-brands to express the personality of their individual offerings within a collective corporate identity.

The dot matrix created for the visual language communicates the businesses ability to use data profiling to communicate relevant and engaging content in a highly targeted way. It also creates a unique play on digital by aligning to the behavioural nature of the data.

The Strategy

The brand message encapsulates how AdKnowledge assist businesses to make returns from their online investments by bringing something tangible to something that is often difficult to harness.

We have subsequently been briefed on a separate brand name consultancy exercise. We devised a bespoke research and analysis approach including a number of methodologies devised in-house to measure the strength and reputation of each brand name, including: Semantics Analysis; Entry Point Analysis; Corner Stone Analysis; Social Media Analysis and Search Engine Analysis. The methodologies created a harmony between the emotive and the scientific and the semantics vs. data.

"We selected Chris Fogg and team to help us with our corporate rebranding, after a rigorous selection process in which we also considered several US agencies. Their insights about, and understanding of, our marketing goals and the business-to-business landscape seemed superior."

The Result

The exploration and consultancy has provided a great deal of clarity for the executive team and a number of recommendations have been incorporated throughout the global brand.

The majority of our contact has been via Skype yet we were delighted to welcome AdKnowledge to the UK for a second brand workshop and were privileged to be invited to AdKnowledge’s party on the 83rd floor of the Empire State Building in New York City.

"The project went smoothly and the outcome was a much clearer, more compelling story and brand architecture. This is benefitting all of our communications, and inbound sales leads coming through our website have increased dramatically."