About us

About us

We relish being instrumental in realising our clients’ opportunities and potential.
We work with SMEs through to large multinationals, to enable them to engage effectively with their audience. Deploying our in-house skills of brand development, design, digital and marketing communications in innovative ways, we ensure they are a catalyst for accelerated business performance. From global brand strategies to start-up brand creations, international design commissions to bespoke digital solutions; regardless of the scale of project or investment, we are focused upon realising your opportunities.

Our Ethos

We actively nurture a portfolio that uniquely embraces both the rigour of innovative strategic insight with the dynamics of creative expression. We believe both aspects are powerful factors and combine in compelling audience engagement. Our ability to embrace the diverse scale of projects is testament to our ability to effectively optimise the opportunity regardless of the scale of investment.

Our Value

Fogg Associates opened its doors in the summer of 2008, right at the onset of the global recession. Many advised that this would be a treacherous time to start an agency, yet we believed it was the perfect time to demonstrate our value to businesses.

We enjoy sharing our international brand development and marketing communications experience with small to medium size businesses, through our cost effective programme that has been a key factmaor in the success of many clients throughout recent economically demanding times.

Identify the opportunity

We feel our value is not just to respond to a brief, but to work with you to identify, shape and visualise the opportunities beyond the brief. This value, before we begin to create, strategise, design and develop, is a key catalyst in optimising your opportunity.

Engineer the message

Whether visual, verbal or experiential this often over looked aspect of all communication must be articulated with high performing creativity, agility and compelling relevance to ensure the engagement with your audience is optimised.

Realise the results

We believe we must ensure that the results are not just measured or acknowledged but invested in the momentum of your continuing success. Here you are able to ensure you build equity beyond the objectives and build a platform for sustainable success.