Making time for hobbies

As a designer, I obviously have a passion for all things print. When people ask me what my hobbies are, I say design, typography and print. But when I think about this, when can I honestly say that I have actively got hands on with my ‘hobby’ outside of work? I’ve thought about it and talked about it, so much so that one year for my birthday my husband bought me a linotype kit. But the same old excuses about how I don’t have the time, which in part is true, always crept up and stopped me doing anything about it. But one rainy afternoon last weekend, as my youngest son was having his nap and my husband was entertaining our other son, those excuses ran dry.

The linotype kit has sat on the kitchen side, for about 18 months. My refusal to put it away out of sight meant that my guilt about seeing it every day finally paid off and I got it out.

I think part of my resistance to start dabbling with my own print making was not knowing what I wanted to create, being an amateur and the fear of making mistakes. But within half an hour I’d printed off sketched and traced onto the lino some lovely type and got out the tools to start carving away.

There was a great sense of satisfaction of having accomplished something at each stage. Within an hour I was ready to start actually printing, which to my surprise came out much better than expected. It was not to Dave Lefner standards and only a simple start but I was pretty happy with it, for part that I had actually made the time to do something I’d only talked about but also happy for the enjoyment that I got from creating something myself.

It is so easy to get drawn in to the daily routine and lose sight of where our passions lie and lose touch with the things that we enjoy. So if you’re the same as me and have been thinking about doing something for a while, whether it’s knitting, photography or writing, next time you’ve had a long day and are just about to settle yourself down to mindlessly waste an hour in front of the tv or on facebook think about what you could be doing instead. You may be surprised that it helps you forget your day, clear your mind and unwind, it could help you to discover talents and rediscover creativity. You never know, you might even enjoy it and who knows where it may lead.