New website launch

As a creative agency, we’re always busy making sure our clients get the best possible solution, whether that be a brochure design, website project or a whole re-brand. Sometimes this doesn’t always get replicated on in-house projects, most often the agency’s website.

For an agency offering digital work as a service to our clients, it’s very important that our own website showcases our skills and expertise in all areas of the business and our previous website wasn’t doing that to the level the agency deserves.

When I started working here at Fogg Associates, the agency was already in the process of looking to update the website with a much more modern offering, one that reflects what we do and how we do it. I was given the challenge to look at the designs and pitch a new direction to the team.

Being mindful of the agency’s recognisable brand, I started by working out what the site needed to achieve in terms of content and built on that with the intention of creating something fresh and user friendly.

Creating that balance between letting our quality of work speak for itself and also getting our own voice out there via the blog was done by creating a section on the homepage that let them become part of the same thing. This displays a bond between the work and the people behind it.

When we had the content and structure in place, I began looking at subtle ways of adding animation to the site. These small pieces of animation, including hover states and click events, add an extra level of interaction that gives some focus to the content without becoming intrusive.

The whole process, including the design and development took three months from conception to going live and we now feel that we can be proud of our website. It now not only displays what we can do in terms of digital for our clients but it allows the Fogg brand to be expressed.

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