From babies to brands

My back to work blog

After spending the last nine months on maternity leave, bringing my second son into the world and looking after my inquisitive toddler, I must admit I was a little apprehensive about coming back into the creative working environment. It was like that feeling you used to have the night before starting back to school after the summer holidays but magnified. Excited to see your classmates but butterflies about the new tasks and challenges ahead, I was anxious about leaving the kid’s without their mum for the first time but even more worryingly, how was my brain going to function outside of parks and soft play centres?

When I left for maternity I was immersed in designing and artworking the bird atlas for Herefordshire Ornithological Society and was looking forward to getting stuck back into some equally interesting and ambitious projects, with the hope that I could just pick up where I left off. Fortunately with a breadth of new and existing clients, I’ve had plenty to get my teeth stuck back in to.

I have found some things never change, the same albums are still playing on repeat, there is enough tea to sink a ship and the banter, well the banter is still abundant. All of these have made the studio easy to step back into. However one of the biggest but possibly the best changes that I have come back to is having the support from Jack our new designer and the arrival of in-house web development, in the form of Mike.

Sitting next to Jack and being able to share and develop our designs is certainly a change for the better and it is great to get a fresh perspective on things.

Although I have not yet got to work directly with Mike, I am looking forward to being able to design websites much more effectively and any questions that I may have about the functionality and development of the site can be answered instantly making the whole process more seamless and ultimately leading to a more successful end result for our clients.

Among benefits such as getting to finish a hot cup of tea and eating my lunch without having to mop the floor afterwards, and despite my fears that my ‘baby brain’ would have taken hold forever, it is actually really refreshing to be working in a creative capacity again, and I feel I can function as creatively as I ever did, if not better. In the best possible way, it really does feel like I’ve never left. I’ve really enjoyed immersing myself back into all things brand and design and I’ve even surprised myself and managed to fit more than two words together to write this blog. Baby brain has been well and truly beaten.

It really is great to be back!

Oh, and my kids… well I don’t even think they miss me.

Stephanie Meadows
Senior Designer