Beeb as a beacon

Earlier this year I had the honour of being invited to regularly contribute to a BBC Radio show. I wake early and head to the fantastic Media City studios.

As I arrive at reception, I am constantly in awe of the variety of brands the BBC manages, from CBeebies to BBC Sport; each proposition has a well-targeted offering. The corporation has also moved with the times and occupies a state of the art facility, it has broke with tradition and expanded its broadcasting centres and therefore its talent pool, was this a risk, yes it was, but what a breath of fresh air to embrace ‘the new’ and for it to be a success.

I am always greeted with a smile and no matter how busy the producers are they make me a brew. I am not a star by any stretch of the imagination, yet I believe they would treat any guest in the same consistently high levels of service.

The factor of the brand that most amazes me and even through my bleary ‘very early morning’ eyes, cannot go unnoticed is the relentlessly rich communication and engagement with its audiences.

Yes this is the core aspect of the BBC’s function, but still marketers and business leaders can take inspiration from this. here are three key observations that you can take inspiration from:

  • Understand your audience and their needs. Are they who you think they are? Are they as many as you think? What do they actually need from your organisation? These are fundamentals to effective communication but often overlooked in favour of passing fads.
  • Create content that truly engages, remembering sales are not always achieved by selling; increasingly sales are realised by consistently informing your audience.
  • Plan, manage and structure your communications. There are many channels to market for every business, as there are platforms for the BBC, yet building a momentum of relevant communication through each will ensure the longevity of your proposition.

I would like to thank the team at BBC Radio in Manchester, especially Jenni Smith, Kevin Fitzpatrick and Alan Beswick for my opportunity to experience and share this inspiration.

If you would like to discuss how I believe these observations can translate to your day-to-day activities please contact me:

Chris Fogg, Founder