Welcome to the Fogg Blog(g)

Today I had a read through some of the Blogs I’ve written over the last year. They’ve really started to expose a lot about my character and personality, but I guess that is the whole reason Blogs were invented. They’re a tool to express our personal views and opinions, so naturally we’re going to let slip a few things about our private lives. But Blogs in a professional environment are now forming part of brand culture too.

I’m always talking to clients about how they need to bring out more of their brand personality. So many of them seem to hide behind a sea of imagery that doesn’t reflect who they really are and use jargon on their website that they would never actually dream of saying.

Communicating a brand personality can be quite difficult. All to often we see companies that think a team photo on their website and personal biogs gets across the ‘culture’ of their brand. But we now have other platforms to do this, we just need to understand how to use them.

Blogs and Social Media are two very good examples of this. Tools such as these offer agencies a really good opportunity to reveal their ‘inner selves’ and create some stand out over their competitors. It’s easy to copy a typeface and image style, but impossible to copy someone thoughts and views.

But as you will see our Blogs don’t just come from the same people. We encourage our team to draw on their own career and life experiences and apply them to our industry. We don’t want our Blog to be prescribed and too considered… we want it to be a platform of ‘free thinking’ that hopefully people will enjoy and find informative. But ultimately we want our Blog to help give our readers a sense of what we are like as a brand and an insight into the Fogg personality.

So what have my Blogs said about me? Well so far I’m a mountain climbing mum, who loves Branding, Gardening and has an eye for a Bargain.

What could your blog say about you?

Kerry Howl,
Marketing Director