Cross Sector Learning

We are often asked “what sectors you ‘specialise’ in?”

Our answer – none!

We’re proud to work with a diverse client base that covers all sizes, shapes and sectors of business.

We’re also incredibly proud that our learnings and inspiration come from all walks of life and can be translated from engineering to fine art and from interior design to financial services.

We continually find that a strategy or tactical execution for one industry is completely relevant and offers a fresh perspective to create a competitive advantage for a client in an industry that in the past may not have considered that route to market.

Our Founder Chris, often says, “It may at first, seem counter intuitive to consider non-specific experience as being of greater value than that of specific experience. Yet if you are looking for that illusive competitive advantage with you business, surely the ability to innovate with your brand by adopting tactics that may have been inspired from outside of your sector, can only be a powerful catalyst.”

We also find that our smallest clients are inspired by the high level strategic work we do with our largest clients all over the world and that vice versa our largest clients are intrigued and inspired by the tactical agility of our smaller clients.

We have built a team from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets; we believe it is this diversity that enables us to add real value to our clients regardless of specific sectors.

Our experience and understanding of business and brand is comprehensive and multidimensional. This means that whatever your particular challenge or vision for the business we have the knowledge and skills to position and articulate your brand in a way that truly engages your customers and adds value to your business.

Our specialism is helping you to improve your businesses performance through improved positioning, communication engagement with your audience, our case studies and testimonials are testaments to this.

James Brooke, Senior Strategist
01925 226139