Brand new town

If you were to describe Warrington in one sentence what would it be…?

‘ A place where everything is happening’

‘ The business hub of the North West’

‘ The place that is famous for wire and rugby’

…or do you really have no idea?

There are many ways to describe our Town, we all have our own view on what it’s all about, but should we all be saying the same thing, should there be one clear message that defines Warrington?

We see many ‘Warrington’ brands around our town, the council, various commercial groups, transport businesses and other organisations, all have their own ‘take’ on what Warrington stands for, but wouldn’t it be great if we had one consistent theme that we all supported and got behind. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a brand?

People can be brands, look at David Beckam
Buildings can be brands, look at Blackpool Tower
So what about City’s, Town’s and places?

A brand gives something a clear definition, be it a person, a place or a product it gives it an identity that everyone understands and buys into. Whether it’s for commercial reasons for example to ‘sell’ something or emotional reasons such as ‘supporting’ something, a brand creates an identity.

We are seeing evidence of many ‘towns’ that are creating a brand for themselves. Back in 2012 Staines re branded to become Staines-On-Thames to try and encourage public reappraisal of the town and shake off the old ‘Ali G’ image.

From a tourism perspective we are even seeing small towns investing in their image the latest of which is Helston, a little 800-year-old Cornish cattle market town and the most southerly town in Great Britain.

This project sought to include Helston residents’ asking surveyed participants to describe the town in three words. The proposed brand designs were then displayed in various sites where the public could vote for their favourite identity.

The power of a solid band can give a destination not just local but global recognition. It can encourage investment and encourage the community to become more unified in their views of their town.

Brands are created for many reasons. It might be a new product or service that needs a name, it may be a business that needs to create some stand out in a saturated marketplace or it may be a place, like Warrington, that is undergoing change, development and wants to change public perceptions.

A strong brand will allow you to connect with your audience and communicate what you’re all about. It will help you achieve your commercial goals by giving you a solid platform to work from.
Many businesses come to us asking for a new logo, but a new logo isn’t a brand. A brand is the ‘thing’ that you stand for, something unique to you that nobody else can claim. Logo’s and a visual style can be copied but the brand itself can’t.

There is so much happening in our town at the moment, we see it everywhere we turn. New retail developments, expansions to our college, investment in commercial sites and transport links, we have a lot to be excited about. A brand would capture all of this activity and give us one overarching theme, a clear definition that gives the town the profile it deserves, something that the corporate world can invest in and something that we can all be proud of.

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Kerry Howl,
Marketing Director